About Serendipity

Serendipity opened in 2003 after many years of me working out of other people's barns.  The world needed an alternative to the giant lesson barns that put money first, 

the client second and the horse last of all.  So I created a world where the horse came first.  

I've done nearly everything there is to do with a horse.   So in trying to figure out 

what is best for the horse, I settled on eventing, which offers strength and discipline 

with dressage work, a little bit of devil-may-care attitude with XC, and the combination

 of the two in stadium jumping.   I found the perfect medium for making

 great horses and riders. 

Over the past fifteen years, I've made almost every mistake that can be made, 

and I like to think I've learned from them all.  Certainly I've had a fantastic time 

while I've been acquiring my knowledge.  At Serendipity we will teach you so much more than how to ride a horse.  We'll teach you to be part of a team 

like you've never experienced.  We'll teach you how to talk to the horse,

 and how to listen, and therefore how to get him to do great things 

not because you make him, but because he wants it too.

At Serendipity, you'll never be pressured to do things just because everyone else is. 

Ok, sure, we might try to get you to try something new, but only because we think

 you can do it and we know you'll love it because we do.  We won't push you to buy things because everyone else has them, or because it's the next new great thing, 

but we will tell you where to get great deals if you do want stuff.  

And if we have a slight saddle pad obsession, we're also really good about sharing

our stuff so that your saddle pad can always, always match your outfit.

So come join us, and be part of something great!