Serendipity Riding School

We do things differently at Serendipity.  We teach teamwork between horse and rider, not just how to be pretty.  We teach an understanding of mechanics, not just how to do what you're told.  We teach free thinking, the ability to understand what you need to do to do what you want to do, and how to be safe doing it.  Oh and we teach you to have a great time while you're doing it.

In return we ask respect for the horses and the people in the barn.  We ask respect for your own work, failures as well as successes.  We ask respect for every horse, human and item that is part of making every ride great.  And we'll teach you what it feels like to get that from the others around you.



Your learning will consist of safety, stamina and stability first.  You'll be taught why to do the things, not just ordered to do it.  You'll learn why you care if the equipment is well taken care of; why you care if the horse is well taken care of; 

and you'll learn why we don't let horses make decisions.

Then you'll learn how to know when you're ready to do the harder things.  You'll learn how to know when your horse is ready to do the harder things.  And you'll learn what it feels like when you finally get to do the things you've worked so hard to do.


In short, if you join us at Serendipity you'll have a whole new world shown to you. If you're an established rider, we'll show you how to get so much more from your rides. If you're new to horses, we can introduce you to living the dream. And if you're somewhere in between, your possibilities are wide open.

Come see what we can do for you!